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Getting Started

1) Create awareness about Odyssey

  • worldHow do I get started at my school/community/home school?
  • Contact us via email  at to schedule an awareness session at mutually agreeable date/time. 
  • Announce the event in your school and community with posters, flyers, or via the school newsletter.
  • Please have projector setup to show presentation to the interested students, parents, teachers and school coordinator.

2) Sign up for an Odyssey Of The Mind Membership

  • donateRegister with Odyssey Of The Mind at
  • After registration is complete, you’ll be sent a membership packet which includes detailed copies of this year’s problems and the Program Guide, with all of the rules. More information is available here.
  • The association fees directly paid to the Odyssey of the Mind international organization (per MEMBERSHIP).
  • The tournament registration deadline is January 14 every year, for all teams.

3) Recruit a team and coaches

  • CoachSign up teams (5-7 students on a team), recruit 1-2 coaches and judges. 
  • Parents or teachers can be coaches and a team can have co-coaches to share the experience. 
  • Each team is required to provide a judge, who will attend the region’s Judges Training and judge at the regional tournament (in a different division of the team’s problem). 
  • If a team advances to the State Finals tournament, the judge will be required to serve as an official at the State Finals.


4) Select Long-term problem

  • PointsHave the team/teams read through the problems and choose the one for which they’d like to create a “solution.” Teams work on their solutions over a period of months, so it’s good to start as early as possible.
  • Have coaches attend coaches and spontaneous workshop (choose one of multiple workshop sites) Each region has one and they are designed to help with the various challenges of coaching a team, and to familiarize coaches with what to expect on the day of the tournament.  Coaches are welcome to attend a training in another region, if they have a conflict.
  • Have fun helping students discover how to express themselves creatively and work together as a team to create their unique solution to one of the problems in an 8 minute performance.  You’ll be amazed at what they can do when they’re encouraged to think “beyond the box.”

5) Register Team and Judge

  • orderRegister your team and judges for your Regional Tournament at (require membership# and school/community zipcode) to register a team.
  • If more than one team selected same long-term problem than additional membership purchase is required.
  • Tournament fee is paid to the Delaware Odyssey of the Mind organization, (per TEAM) that will compete in the Delaware tournaments. This fee is to offset the costs of running the tournament in state of Delaware. If a team registers for more than one problem, the fee is per problem. Delaware Tournament participation fees is $100.00 per team. Tournament Fee is due by January 30. A $25 late fee will apply on February 1, if the fee is not paid on time.
  • Tournament Fee - Pay through Paypal