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The success of our tournaments depends greatly on the continuous efforts of outstanding volunteers like you!

We are hopeful that you should consider serving as a volunteer judge to support the anticipated 2,100+ children who will be participating in Delaware every year. We will be hosting  four regional tournaments from 2016 and an annual State Finals tournament. Because of exponential growth, we will holding concurrent Regionals which will require twice the number of volunteer judges each single day.

Outreach: If you know of any other adult volunteers who can assist, please email name and contact information to as soon as possible. Our teams need you!

Judges do NOT need experience. There will be a training session before the tournament where you will learn everything you need to know to fill this valuable position! Our judges are served a wonderful breakfast/lunch on training and tournament day.  Many judges return each year because the day is so much fun!

Clock/Volunteer Hours
Clocks hours are awarded for all educators through PDMS for judge training, coaches workshop, spontaneous workshop, coaching pre-tourney training, coaching etc. An educator participation is validated through DELAWARE Odyssey Of the Mind web based administration process for an eligibility and attendance.

Student Volunteers will be awarded volunteer hours for their support throughout the year!

Judging a Long-Term Problem

Judging a Long-Term Problem will require you to train and be available all day the day of competition. You will not be able to watch or judge your child’s performance if you are a parent of a team member.  You will have a fun-filled day watching others present their solutions and working with other interesting people.

  • Problem Captain
  • Head Judge
  • Long Term Judge
  • Style Judge
  • Weigh-In Judge (Problem 4 – Structure Only)

Judging a Spontaneous Problem

Judging a Spontaneous Problem will require you as a new judge to train and be available all day the day of competition. You will not be able to judge in the Division your child is competing.  This will require you spend the competition day judging therefore you will not be able to watch your child perform if you are a parent.

  • Problem Captain
  • Head Judge
  • Spontaneous Judge – Verbal, Hands-On, Verbal Hand-On
  • Spontaneous Judge – Primary (Regional only)


Judging as non-scoring position

You could help us in various non-scoring position including in the Division your child is competing.

  • Training Director (Training new and experience judges)
  • Tournament Director (Regional and State Finals)
  • Time Keeper/Announcer
  • Door Keeper
  • Score Keeper
  • Staging Judge
  • Prop Storage
  • Information Desk
  • Score Runner
  • Spontaneous Check-In table
  • Spontaneous Holding Room
  • Traffic Controller/Gate Keeper
  • Hospitality
  • Parking Attendant