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How To Join

This information is for schools or community organizations that wants to participate in the Odyssey of the Mind program.

School, home school or sponsored by non-profit organization is eligible to participate in the Odyssey of the Mind.

How to Join - Signing up for membership

A MEMBERSHIP entitles multiple TEAMS to participate in the program. An additional membership is required only if multiple teams are participating in same problem/division.

You may wish to get a presentation on the program by one of us veterans. In that case, please click on the Contact Us link, and fill out the Contact form.

If you are ready to join, simply head on over to the International Odyssey of the Mind web site to the Registration section, and fill out an on-line registration request. Remember you need only one membership per school or organization, unless you have multiple teams competing in the same problem. Please refer to the program guide referred to above for details on that.

Membership Costs

A member may be a school, a recognized community group, or a college or university. A membership fee is approx. $135 (U.S.). With each membership, you receive:

  • Five long-term problems that are challenging, user-friendly, and cover a wide variety of subjects.
  • One non-competitive primary problem, designed to introduce younger students to creative problem solving.
  • An Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide, which provides coaching information, rules, sample spontaneous problems . . . AND MORE!
  • The Odyssey of the Mind Newsletter, a quarterly publication loaded with valuable program information.
  • The opportunity to enter official competitions.
  • A chance to attend the annual World Finals.
  • The opportunity to win educational scholarships.
  • All mailings and program updates.
  • Support services from International Headquarters.

Each group will need to pay the membership per group and tournament fee per team to be fully registered to participate at regional and state competitions.

Schedule Conflicts

Your team member may have conflict with other competition such as Spelling Bee, Science/Math Olympiad and so on. If any team has a scheduling conflict for the competition, the school coordinator or team coach should contact to discuss scheduling alternatives.