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We are always striving to provide our teams, coaches, and coordinators with high quality resources. We have assembled a number of guides, tips, tricks, and links just for this purpose. One of the biggest resources we have is each other. If you have any items that you feel would be useful to others please email the webmaster at


  1. Why ODYSSEY OF THE MIND® - A Creative Experience?
  2. Odyssey of the Mind® Fact Sheet
  3. Odyssey Forever
  4. STEM - How Odyssey of the Mind Fulfills STEM Objectives?
  5. 21st Century Skills and OotM Complex Technical and Artistic Problem Solving Comparison Chart
  6. Learning Innovation and Critical Thinking Skills
  7. Odyssey of the Mind and Educational Initiative - 21st Century Skills

First Time/Experience Coaches

  1. What is the Role of the Coach?
  2. Reflections of a First-Time CoachHow Odyssey of the Mind Helped to Put My Life In Perspective?
  3. Odyssey of the Mind Coaches BILL OF RIGHTS
  4. PLEASE READ and SIGN - ODYSSEY OF THE MIND® Team Member contract

What should I do Next?

  1. What is a Style and Why it is so important in Long Term problem?
  2. Coaches Quick Tips
  4. Coaching Guide
  5. Must Read Problem Synopses and Program Guide to understand Long Term problem requirement
  6. Program Guide Index 2014-2015 as buzz words reference
  7. Brainstorming
    1. Brainstorming Step for Team Members
    2. Diamond Brainstorming Technique - Apply to build ideas
  8. 7-Step Guideline for OotM Solution
  9. How to make your own Crusher board for Problem 4 (Structure)?
  10. Asking Questions
  11. What is an Outside Assistance and why it is so important to know? (Must Read by Parent, Coach and Team member)


  1. Omers Award Nomination (submit for Regional or State Tournament)
  2. OM Certificate Participation - Template
  3. OM Certificate Participation Senior - Template
  4. OM Certificate Participation Blank - Template
  5. OM Certificate Participation First Year - Template

Delaware Odyssey of the Mind Scholarship - $1,000

  1. 2017 DELCAPS Scholarship Application


  1. Delaware Odyssey of the Mind State Finals Creativity


Presentation Slides for 2017-18 (Updated on 10/15/2017)

Presentation Slides for 2016-17 Coaches/Spontaneous Workshop (Updated on 11/21/2016)

Presentation Slides for 2015-16 Coaches/Spontaneous Workshop (Updated on 11/21/2015)