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Tournament Forms

All of below forms should be submitted to the staging judge prior to the competition filled out by team members.

Style Form (PDF)Style Form (Word)

(Multiple copies, one for each score judge/official, count varies per available head counts )

To receive score for Style, the team must complete a Style Form and present four copies to the Staging Area Judge. The team must list the first four areas to be scored and explain how they relate to the long-term problem solution and how they contribute to the overall effect of the performance. Teams must be very concise when explaining their style categories.

Cost Form (PDF)Cost Form (Excel)

Each team must give the Staging Area Judge a copy of its completed Material Values Form (aka “Cost Form”) before it begins its long-term presentation. The value of materials used must be listed on the form in the currency used by the country where the competition is held. Cost limits are given in United States dollars.

Outside Assistance Form

Teams must complete the Outside Assistance Form in the Appendix and give it to the Staging Area Judge prior to its performance. They must state whether they had any outside assistance and, if so, the nature of that assistance.

Clarification Submission Form

Long-term problems are written to provide just enough guidance to solve the problem without limiting creativity. If a team questions the interpretation of a limitation, or is not sure if an aspect of its solution is allowed or meets the problem’s requirements, it may request a clarification. Anyone requesting a clarification must cite the rule in question. This link will take you to the International Website to submit a clarification online.