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World Finals Payment – Paypal

Please Note:
  • Grand Total and Order# are vital for payment processing
  • Coaches: Please add 3% to your Grand Total order cost as Paypal Merchant Procesing fee for online payment.
  • Update Order quantity after click on add to cart.
  • Click on continue shopping on checkout page if you would like to add payment for each order seperately.

  • How to calculate Order quantity to add 3% to your Grand Total order cost?
    Convert Grand total in cents and add 3% to the Grant Total.
            $10 * 100 =  1000
    + 1000 * 3/100  =      30 ( 3% as merchant processing fees)
                         1030 (Quantity include 3% merchant processing fees)
    Grand Total of order(s)
    Order(s)# (e.g. 101,102,103)